A Master Guide on Best Touring Jet Ski

Riding a Jet Ski doesn’t always mean performing tricks and stunts or zooming at high speeds on water, or getting your adrenaline pumping to its peak levels. Nope! Sometimes it also means driving your Ski for exploring new places, or for finding a spot in the middle of nowhere and having ‘me-time’ under the sun, over the water, or with your loved ones.

Touring on a Jet Ski is one motorsport where you get to ride on your PWC for hours, with the wind on your face and the cool, refreshing breeze giving you a sense of serenity.

It is similar to going on a long drive in your car with your windows down, except it is better; it’s on a Ski over the water. Intrigued much, eh? Then, there is no better way to discuss this other than to talk about the top models and what they have in store for you. So, let’s get started, fellas!

Consider this Before Buying your 1st Touring Jet Ski

What can be the perfect Ski for riders who are just in it for a good experience? For this, there is a lot to keep in mind like:

  • Models and budget

Are you looking for touring Jet Skis that are not that pricey? Then, chances are that the one you buy won’t be suitable for touring rides.

Why? The lower-priced Skis are smaller and less stable. To be honest, they won’t be able to handle various water conditions properly.

Let’s talk about everyone’s favourite smaller Rec-Lite and recreation models. Frankly, they are great for riders who just want to have fun and perform tricks with a riding time of a few hours. But they lack the features needed for a Jet Ski tour.

The power-packed performance Jet Ski is also not suitable for touring. They are just good for spontaneous speed thrills. Although they do have the features that are needed in a touring Jet Ski, these models are not for people who do not have experience. Why? Well, they are powerful machines and can be dangerous for a newbie.

Then, what is the best option? Well, of course, the luxury models that have every requirement for a touring Jet Ski

  • Fuel and Power

A larger fuel tank means a longer ride, without the restraints of fuel refilling. And, what is better than that?

Try to look up for models which have great fuel efficiency and can give you a better economy.

Also, a lot of power isn’t needed in a touring Jet Ski. Why? You will require a model which has enough power to propel you in any kind of water.

Cruising at speeds of 40-50mph is enough for efficient riding and pampering your adventure-loving soul. Also, having more power means more burning of fuel as higher horsepower machines take up a lot of fuel, which we can’t afford while taking a tour.

  • Storage

Can’t wait to take a tour on your jet ski? Then, remember you will need a lot of accessories onboard. This can only be done if your jet ski has ample space. So, dry space is imperative

If you buy a ski with less storage, you will have to compromise with the things you will carry, which can be disheartening for later.

Apart from this, having the best technology with you on your touring ride will give you a comfortable and stress free rise. So, don’t neglect it!

  • Comfort

What is the important thing you need for day-long or few-day long tours? The comfort of course!

Comfort should never be a luxury for you while buying a touring jet ski.

Try getting a 3-seater Jet SKi instead a 2 seater one for more space, because duh! After a long journey who wouldn’t like to stretch their legs.

Besides space, 3 seaters are more stable and are better at handling any kind of water conditions.

Bigger crafts also mean more room for carrying more accessories, which is, in fact, super necessary while taking a tour.

Also, having a hull which will handle these waters better is a must. So, preferably choose a hull which is strong and can carve through waves with ease. A stable hull cuts through waves gives better fuel economy, gives you smooth rides in choppy water and helps you have better control in rough conditions.


Many companies offer many models in their touring or luxury category.

Lucky you! You have a wide range of skis to choose from. Plus, with a little time and effort, you will find the best ski suitable for you.

All the major companies have their benefits and star features. All you have to do is decide which feature works best for you.

All these models, at their base, are similar to each other. You should just look for features that work for you. So just find ‘the one’ that caters to your needs. Believe us, there is no wrong answer.



Yamaha is one of the longest-running personal watercraft companies. It has been in the business for decades and it knows its customers. Yamaha’s touring models are reliable and if maintained properly, are durable too.

This company is known worldwide for its unbeatable fuel efficiency. Plus, the modes in the genre give great stability and handling which makes riding easier and tension free.

Yamaha has many models in its luxury/touring lineup. All the models in the FX series are suitable for touring.


FX HO 2019 $13,699
FX CRUISER HO 2019 $14,199
FX SVHO 2019 $15,699
FX CRUISER SVHO 2019 $16,399
FX LIMITED SVHO 2019 $17,599

All these models come with Yamaha RiDE technology which uses a dual throttle system that gives you optimal control of the machine.

The Connext touch screen comes equipped with all FX models and has various functions such as drive control and security mode inbuilt. All such features make them one of the best skis for tour rides.


When you think of a Jet Ski, Kawasaki name is the first that resonates in your mind.

Kawasaki is the company which has created the sport by its relentless promotions of its original Jet Ski models. It is the oldest running Jet Ski Company, which still has its name set on the sport.

Kawasaki has only one model which can be said is suitable for touring but its higher-end models which come under the performance category also have all the features needed for touring.


Jet Ski ULTRA 310LX 2019 $17,999

Kawasaki does not have any specific electric reversing or breaking and uses a manual lever for forward and reverse controls.

It offers a smooth ride with precision handling, five-position adjustable handlebar and many top-notch features which make touring on this ski a memorable day in your life.


Sea-Doo has taken the Jet Ski world by storm and now it stands as the top affordable PWC seller in the market.

It has been making and selling high-quality machines at an affordable price which any person can buy and have the time of their life on the water. It has quite a few models in their touring category and all of these are proven to be the best in the touring sport.

Sea-Doo’s performance and Sportfishing models are also widely used for Touring as they are very stable and have a huge swim platform.


GTX 155/230 2019 $12,799
GTX LIMITED 230/300 2019 $16,099

Many believe that Sea-Doo provides the best touring technology for their machines. The iBR (Intelligent Brake & Reverse) is the first-ever technology which has a braking system. This braking system has the ability to stop a craft with such precision that no other ski can match. They come with iTC (Intelligent Throttle Control) too for better control of your craft.

Top Models for Jet Ski Touring

Sea-Doo GTX 155

The GTX 155 is the most trusted, reliable and most welcoming model ever made in the touring motorsport. It is loved by many people as the best touring and all-day riding craft.

It is affordable for everyone who wants to get into the sport of touring.

It is a high-quality machine that has many features and benefits making it one of the best watercraft available for touring in the market.

With a 155hp powerful and reliable engine, this PWC rules the freshwater and saltwater alike.

 It has outstanding power at all RPM levels and its ST3 hull gives great stability while in rest. In fact, it is steady in choppy water too!

For your smooth ride, it has a V design that helps in wave penetration. Furthermore, at rest GTX 155 is the most stable watercraft there is.

Features and Pros:

  • Sea-Doo’s intelligent brake and Reverse technology (iBR) which helps in braking, forward, neutral and reverse operations is the first ever to have a braking system. It is highly useful when you are riding in unknown waters and where there is a lot of boat traffic.
  • The ST3 super stable hull is made from fibreglass and is suitable for riding in any water conditions.
  • It comes with a Rotax 1503 NA engine which uses a closed-loop cooling system for increased reliability and stability. It is the most powerful engine made by Sea-Doo and few people have often called it a bulletproof engine.
  • It is 135.9 inches in length and 49.4 inches wide and holds a fuel capacity of 15.9 gallons.
  • It has a total storage space of 27.1 gallons, which is suitable for storing life jackets and other equipment.
  • Touring features such as Tilt steering, Cruise control, slow mode and a boarding ladder are present for pure comfort.
  • A Digitally Encoded Security System (DESS) key which only starts your ski is a good safety feature. Learning key is also available for new a rider which limits the power of the machine.
  • Different driving modes in some models such as Sport, touring, and ECO. The Eco mode for fuel efficiency and cleaner riding.
  • Variable trim systems (VTS) are present for tuned handling depending on the water conditions, a number of passengers and rider preferences.
  • Huge swim platform with integrated LinkQ system for easy attachment and installation of accessories. You can get more space with the quick attack rear cargo LinkQ system bag.
  • Watertight phone box which is waterproof and shockproof.
  • Direct access to the front storage.
  • Well-cushioned Ergolock seat.
  • Touring seats which can be moved around to get lounging seating to have a picnic or for relaxing.
  • Lower overall height for the lowered centre of gravity making it lightweight and more stable.
  • It comes with many other features like wide-angle mirrors, integrated cleats, palm grips, etc.


  • Smaller Gas Tank
  • Smaller overall storage. The front storage is one huge bin which is suitable for storing things.



Love speed? Then this is the touring Jet Ski for you.

Yamaha FX Cruiser SVHO is one of the fastest WaveRunners ever produced by Yamaha. It is not just fast,its features and efficiency are also very suitable for touring.

Whether for fun and games or whether for a long day in the sun, the Cruiser SVHO will satisfy all needs.

It can attain a top speed of up to 70mph and is surprisingly very stable even at those speeds.

It comes with a dual throttle handlebar for forward and reverses operations to make maneuvering the craft an easy task.

The deceleration process is very smooth and does not give any jerks while slowing.

Tired from all this driving? Then rest your hands while its cruise control does the job.

Its seats provide great comfort and are very luxurious, making sitting and riding for hours easily. Well, that’s already music to ears!

Features and Pros:

  • It uses RiDE technology by Yamaha which also has a reverse and traction control for smooth braking operation. Because of rudders, the craft can turn even when it is stopped, that is, it does not require any acceleration for it to turn.
  • It has a supercharged 4-cylinder, 4-stroke, Super Vortex High Output Yamaha Marine Engine which is very powerful and can attain speeds easily. It is efficient and yet powerful. The engine will seem to last forever if well maintained.
  • Multi mount systems with the beverage and other extensions are present. You can mount extra storage for your items. Other extensions like a fish finder, speakers, etc.
  • The Connext Touchscreen is the first of its technology and is only available in Yamaha models. It has various functions which come in handy at different times. The touchscreen cannot be used while driving at high speeds.
  • Electric trim system for better control of your craft.
  • It is 3.58 meters long and 1.27 meters wide and has a dry weight of 820 lbs. The storage capacity of 44 gallons and about 40.6 gallons of watertight storage.
  • It has a fuel storage capacity of 18.5 gallons. It is more than that of a Sea-doo craft. This gives you the peace of mind of not worrying about the fuel on your touring rides.
  • Tilt steering and electric trim are present for easy riding. It has features like pull up cleats, an upgraded reboarding step for easy climbing on to the craft, dual mirrors and many more.
  • It has a NanoXcel Hull and deck which makes it lighter, yet stable. It is more streamlined and still is aggressive in look.
  • Low-speed mode for the safety and security of new riders. Cruise control for easy riding and gives takes away the task of holding the throttle for long durations.
  • It has dual storage compartments which are enough for any number of items you have. Comes with footwell drains and comfortable footwell mats.


  • Harder to get the front storage while sitting on the craft.
  • Price is a little more compared to models in this category.

Kawasaki Jet Ski ULTRA 310LX

Kawasaki Ultra 310LX is in the top of the line Jet Ski. It is the best of the best that Kawasaki offers.

If you don’t like to compromise and want the best of all the watercraft in the market, then this is the one for you. It is huge and because of its heavyweight, it is the most stable Jet Ski ever built.

This Jet Ski is highly reliable and it is impossible to break a machine like this.

And do you know that the power inside this machine is not beatable by any ski out there?

Kawasaki is known for its designs that make its skis go to speeds that no other watercraft can attain. Despite that, it is steady and gives you thrills you would remember for a lifetime.

With a horsepower ofwhopping 310hp, Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 310 LX is the ultimate Ski even in the toughest conditions. And guess what? It comes with a supercharged engine and is highly durable too!

Features and pros:

  • Designed to deliver large quantities of boost at all rpm from idle to redline. Working in conjunction with an intercooler, it supplies the engine with an uninterrupted flow of cool, dense air for maximum performance gain
  • It comes with 1,498cc, an inline 4-cylinder marine engine which is supercharged which uses an open-loop cooling system which takes in the ocean or lake water to cool the engine.
  • 56 gallons of storage capacity and a fuel capacity of 20.6 gallons. Both of them are the highest storage capacities in any of the Jet Ski models ever made.
  • With a length of 132.7 inches and 47 inches wide it has ample space for rider and passengers.
  • Kawasaki smart steering system that helps in handling the watercraft. Smart Learning Operation (SLO) mode for riders who are new to jet skis. This limits the power and the speed so that it is easy for the rider to drive.
  • Responsive hull design with a deep V hull for excellent performance in rough water, making it suitable to be driven by any rider. It also has a large deck and has a spacious platform enough for various activities.
  • Enhanced performance and maneuverability increasing stability and makes rides smoother and easier.
  • Five-positionhandlebar that is suitable for any kind of rider. Heat resistant seat cover fabric for extra comfort.
  • High horsepower, making it the fastest
  • Cruise control and 5 mph mode for controlled riding and a fuel Eco mode for fuel-efficiency.
  • Other features like tilt steering, Reboarding ladder for easy climbing, dual mirrors and cruiser seat for excellent comfort and luxury.
  • Inbuilt speaker system with Bluetooth connection for listening to tunes all day on your touring rides.
  • A pure combination of performance, practicality and luxury, making it more than perfect for all-day touring rides.


  • Very heavy compared to many models in this category by other companies.
  • Manual Reverse and forward operation controlled by a lever. Does not have electric steering technology like Yamaha and Sea-doo.
  • Very expensive.
  • The design has not changed in years.

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