Must have Stand Up Jet Ski Accessories

Just the idea of revving in high speeds on a Stand-up, performing freestyle tricks & intense motor stunts is amazing.  Imagine how much more fun it would be if everything I mentioned before happened without any hiccups?

Well, there is a good chance this can happen if you and your Jet Ski are well equipped with accessories.

However, to make your Stand up ride easier and more fun, you need to invest in the right accessories. That’s because Stand up Jet Skis are a little different from the usual Sit-down ones.

With that being said, there is, in fact, a huge variety of accessories that you can experiment on according to your need. For example accessories like life, jackets abide by the law and save you from drowning.  On the other hand, accessories like an anchor or bungee help in docking. And, there is so much more.

So, here I have compiled a list of few that I think you should own or at least know about.


Life Jackets Suitable for Stand Up Jet Ski

  • A life jacket is not only an important accessory but is also a safety gear prescribed by law. Riding without your life jacket is illegal and can get you in all sorts of legal trouble.
  • It prevents you from drowning and saves you from life-threatening accidents.
  • These days, life jackets come with provisions for you to connect the key of the Jet Ski so that, if you fall off, the engine shuts off.
  • While buying a life jacket, make sure you get the right size. That’s because if you buy a jacket that is big, there are chances that you will slip out of it. However, if you mistakenly buy a small one, it won’t be able to keep you floating in the water for long.
  • Nowadays, there are 2 types of Life jackets that are quite popular in the market. One is a Nylon made and the other is the Neoprene one. Both of these jackets are suitable for Jet Ski riding and will give you maximum comfort and functionality.


  • Neoprene jackets are comfortable. That’s because they can easily be worn for long periods of time and it feels great against the body.
  • The only downside of this jacket is that they feel a little heavy after getting wet. This might make you feel a little bit warmer.  However, nowadays jackets with different styles of airflow are also available.
  • Neoprene jackets are costlier than other types of life Jackets.


  • Nylon life jackets are less pricey and are quite simple in design. They are so affordable that you can buy a few extra life jackets of different sizes and keep them as a spare in case you have someone else riding with you.
  • They do not provide the same level of comfort such as Neoprene.
Product name: O’Brien Traditional Neo Life Men’s Vest Product Name: O’Neill Men’s Superlite USCG Life Vest

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GEARS – Helmets, Goggles, Gloves & Shoes for Stand Up Jet Ski

  • Riding Stand ups means there is always a risk of falling in the water because come on, let’s face it, you don’t ride a Stand-up Jet Ski to go slow, you ride it for the thrill of it, performing stunts and freestyling all the way.
  • To make your experience on the water more fun and safe, some accessories are definitely needed.
  • Falling on water may look like it won’t hurt you, but you would be very wrong to think that. You need to protect yourself as much as possible

Here are some gears that can help you with it:

Helmets are a must while riding Stand up Jet Skis as you will be at high speeds and will definitely fall from your ski many times, even if you don’t plan on it. Get yourself a nice breathable helmet which has padding that dries up quickly.   Having a set of polarized goggles or at least polarized sunglasses will help you see better in low light and even when you are under the sun. Goggles will also help to keep the water away from your eyes when you are at high speeds.   Buy yourself a pair of gloves to keep your hands safe and also to get a steady grip on your Stand up. Water shoes are also very useful to prevent one from slipping and hurting the feet.  
Product Name: Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako Full Face Helmet with Flag Graphic
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Product Name: 509 Sinister X5 Goggle (Stealth Bomber)    

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Product Name: NRS Freestyle Water Shoes     ​

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A wetsuit is an item that comes in handy almost all year long.

  • It keeps you warm when you are riding in cold weather.
  • You can also use it as a rash guard to protect you from the sun and to keep you cool.

Product Name: O’Neill Men’s Reactor II 3/2mm Back Zip Full Wetsuit
Product Name: Dark Lightning Premium CR Neoprene Wetsuit, Women and Men’s Full Suit Scuba Diving Thermal Wetsuit  

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Dry Bags for Stand Up Jet Ski

Dry bags are a must when you are heading out on the water. The storage space on the Ski may not be sufficient at times, having a dry bag eases your jet ski riding experience.

  • All you have to do is, keep your valuables in the bag and ta-da, you will save your items from getting wet.
  • You can put anything in here, from extra clothes to towels, wallets, and even registration papers. Plus, even if you accidentally drop your dry bag in the water, your valuables will always end up being dry.
  • Dry bags come in a variety of models ranging from various sizes and colour. So, you have a lot of options to choose from.
  • They are tough and can take a hit if it ever falls in the water while riding. Don’t worry though, because it can float on water and still keep your belongings dry and safe.
Product Name: Adventure Lion Premium Waterproof Dry Bags for Kayaking, Camping, Boating  Product Name: Earth Pak -Waterproof Dry Bag – Roll Top Dry Compression Sack Keeps Gear Dry for Kayaking, Beach, Rafting, Boating, Hiking, Camping and Fishing with Waterproof Phone Case  


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Dry Box

  • It is essential nowadays to have your phone anywhere you go. The world revolves around it and you have to take measures to keep it safe.
  • While riding a stand-up Jet Ski, my biggest problem is to find a place for my phone.
  • Phones are expensive and I cannot afford to keep them carelessly anywhere. If you have similar concerns, then a dry box will always be your best friend.
  • A dry box will keep your phone protected and will prevent water from getting anywhere near your device.
  • Even if you like performing tricks and riding on choppy waters, the padding inside these dry boxes will make sure that your phone is secured.
  • This accessory is very compact, so you don’t have to worry about making a separate space for it. You can put it anywhere on your Jet Ski.
Product Name: Plano Guide Series 3600 Size Polycarbonate Field Box  Product Name: Plano Guide Polycarbonate Field Box


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Stand Up Jet Ski Docking and Anchoring

  • Jet Ski Anchor

Anchoring is probably the most basic yet the most neglected part of the Jet Ski owning experience. It might not seem that useful, but Jet Ski anchors are lifesavers in many situations. Here is how:

  • These devices keep your Jet Ski at one place.
  • Anchors curb the hurdles of finding a parking spot.
  • They help in avoiding beaching which can damage your PWC in the long run.

There are many different types of anchors available in the market today. Out of them, it is the sandbag anchors that are widely popular among the masses.

However, the right anchor for your jet ski depends upon what type of ground conditions you are riding your vehicle. So, just do a little bit of research and find your perfect match.



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  • Dock line/Bungee dock line
  • Using a bungee dock line is simple and convenient than tying a marine rope. It is the easiest way for wrapping around the cleats.
  • It has the ability to stretch and maintain some slack so that your Jet Ski can move freely when the water is choppy.
  • Bungee dock line can be used for skis that weigh 4000 pounds.
  Product Name: Airhead AHDL-4 Bungee Dockline 4 Feet Product Name: Seachoice Double Braid Nylon Dock Line with Eye Splice, Pre-Shrunk, Heat Stabilized, Various Sizes and Colors  

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Telescoping Paddle/Folding Paddle

  • A paddle is one of the accessories that every Jet Ski owner should buy.
  • If your watercraft stops running and there is no one around to help you, a paddle can be your lifesaver.
  • Even when you run out of gas or your ski breaks down, having a paddle becomes helpful.

Note: Buy a telescoping paddle as it is collapsible and doesn’t take up a lot of space. It can fit in any of the ski’s compartments and will definitely be helpful in the long run.

Product Name: Telescoping Paddle with Boat Hook, 24″- 72″

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For Stand Up Jet Ski Protection and Maintenance

Impeller Protector

  • An Impeller protector keeps the ski ropes away from the impeller and prevents the hassle of unwinding it if it gets stuck.
  • The impeller protector prevents your water toy from sucking the tow lines. If in any case the rope breaks, this accessory protects the person from falling down due to kickback.

Product Name: Impeller Protector PWC Shock Tube, 24″

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Top Stand Up Jet Ski Locks

  • A Jet Ski lock to protect yourself from anyone trying to steal your Ski.
  • It costs less and keeps your jet ski safe. Just lock it around the front bow hook and be tension free.
  • These locks come in many sizes and you can practically buy them anywhere.
  • These look similar to the simple bicycle locks. However,  they are much stronger than them.

Product Name: Master Lock 8417D Python Keyed Cable Lock

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Stand Up Jet Ski Cover

Having a Jet Ski cover is a must because you do not want your Ski to be damaged by the natural elements, right? Your enemy is the sun that can fade your Jet Ski and be honest, faded fiberglass damage faster.

Even if you park your jet ski in the shade, keeping it covered will protect it when it is not in use. It will protect your Jet Ski no matter what the conditions are. So, don’t miss it out for the world. It is good to be safe than be sorry.

Product Name: Classic Accessories Stellex Personal Watercraft Cover, Trailerable Jet Ski Cover with Polyester Fade-Resistant Fabric  Product name:
Weatherproof Shield Jet ski Cover (Trailerable) [Red / Black] For Stand up
Jet Ski


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Solar Charger

As I already said, securing your phone is important. But what will you do if it dies or if your Jet Ski battery dies on the water? In that case, the only thing that can save you is a solar charger.

  • They are waterproof and work in any condition.
  • They will maintain battery life by trickle charging in the off-season.

Note: Buy a solar charger that is under 5 watts because anything more will damage the battery.

Product Name: ALLPOWERS 18V 5 Watts Portable Solar Panel Solar Car Battery Charger Backup for Car Boat Batteries, Solar trickle Charger Bundle with Cigarette Lighter Plug, Battery Clamps & Suction Cups   Product Name: ECO-WORTHY 12 Volts 5 Watts Portable Power Solar Panel Battery Charger Backup for Car Boat Batteries  

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Final thoughts: There are many other accessories that you can invest in for your Jet Ski, depending upon your needs and comfort.

You may be a person who loves to record everything, so a GoPro is a great option for you. If you are someone who likes to have a drink while riding, a cup holder goes a long way.

These are just some of the items that you may like. There is a wide range of options for you out there. So do not stop exploring.

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