The Best Jet Ski Accessories you should Own

The first thing anyone would want to do when they buy a Jet Ski is to take it out in open water and ride away into the sunset. Imagine, feeling the breeze on your face and maybe some water splashing from time to time. That would feel like a moment worth living for, wouldn’t it?

Practically speaking, all these things that you love about owning a Jet Ski only really resonate if your ride is hassle-free. And, there is no better way to ensure that than to invest in some great accessories.

A perfect meal always ends with a perfect dessert and makes your time more memorable and wonderful, doesn’t it? Accessories are the Desserts to your Jet Ski. Yeah! I said it. When you have the right tools, excitement travels a notch up because of the added safety and ease.  And, that’s practical all your worries shoved in a box.

So, let me say it out loud, you got to equip yourself and your Jet Ski with some accessories. Believe me, you have a lot to explore in this genre but don’t worry, from Storage to docking; safety to fun; I have got you all covered.

Let’s dig right into it, shall we?

Before we start, based on where the accessories are required and how they are used I am placing them in different categories:

  1. Storage and Maintenance
  2. Docking
  3. Safety
  4. Miscellaneous


These are the accessories that you require when you want to keep your personal belongings and other Precious items safe. These are made in such a way that they take the utmost care of your personal items and make sure that they do not get damaged when you are riding your Jet Ski.

1. Jet Ski Coolers:

  • In order to store your catch, beverages, a cooler is the best bet. All you have to do is fill it up once with a load of ice and you will be good to go for your whole trip.
  • A cooler will also come in handy to keep bait fresh.
  • However, you can’t just buy any cooler for your jet ski. The storage compartments are usually too small to support the fixed body coolers. 
  • The better models come with special drain plugs that ease the process of draining for the cooler.
  • When it comes to a high quality cooler, check whether it can withstand harsh conditions and how long it can hold the ice.
YETI Tundra 45 Cooler AO Coolers Original Soft Cooler with High-Density Insulation

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2. Jet Ski Fishing Racks:

  • The addition of a fishing rack to your watercraft is a necessity if you don’t want your craft to look and be clumsy. These racks are added to the back of your jet skis and they can accommodate up to 6 rod holders for your multiple fishing rods.
  • These racks can additionally hold an ice chest, a tackle box and even some cans of gas in case refueling is needed.
  • They come with various Velcros and rubber straps to ensure that the rack stays on your craft.  Its durability, quality construction, and incredible design for maximized storage space is great for your PWC and also for you. That’s because it lets you focus solely on your drive.
Platinum Products Jet Ski Fishing Rod Rack & Cooler Holder Combo Kool PWC Stuff Jetski Fishing Rack with 4 Rod Holders
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3. Dry Bags:

  • Having a Dry bag is a must when you are heading in the open water.  You never know when you may need to put your belongings away to keep them from getting wet or getting lost.
  • Although Jet Skis have storage space, it may not be enough sometimes and this can get you into a pickle. Dry bags make your life simpler and give you easy riding experience.
  • Keep your valuables in the bag and you will prevent your items from getting wet.
  • Anything can be stored in these bags, from towels to extra clothes, wallets, keys and even registration papers.
  • Even if it accidentally falls off in the water, it won’t let your valuables get wet and your valuables will always be dry.
  • Dry bags come in a variety of models ranging in various sizes and colors, giving you many options to choose from.
  • They are made to be tough and have no problem if they fall in the water while riding. They will float on water and won’t let anything happen to your belongings.
Product Name: Adventure Lion Premium Waterproof Dry Bags for Kayaking, Camping, Boating Product Name: Earth Pak -Waterproof Dry Bag – Roll Top Dry Compression Sack Keeps Gear Dry for Kayaking, Beach, Rafting, Boating, Hiking, Camping, and Fishing with Waterproof Phone Case
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4. Dry Boxes:

  • Nowadays, wherever you are, having your phone with you is imperative. The world revolves around it and keeping it safe should be a priority.
  • The biggest problem while riding a jet ski is to find a place for my phone.
  • Phones are expensive and keeping them carelessly would result in losing your phone. If you want to keep it safe then a dry box is what you need.
  • A dry box will keep your phone protected and dry. No water will be able to get anywhere near your device.
  • Even when you are performing stunts and riding on choppy waters, the padding inside these dry boxes will make sure that your phone is safe and that it does not get damaged.
  • Dry Boxes are very compact and can fit anywhere on your Ski easily, so you don’t have to worry about making a separate space for it.
Product Name: Plano Guide Series 3600 Size Polycarbonate Field Box   Product Name: Plano Guide Polycarbonate Field Box  

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When you are exhausted from riding your Jet Ski, parking your Ski somewhere quiet and peaceful is what you would like to do. For an avid Jet Ski rider, the need to park anywhere and everywhere is a deal-breaker. However,  this may become a tedious task if you don’t have the proper tools for it.

Moreover, not parking properly may result in damaging your Jet Ski hull or may result in you drifting off with the current. The following accessories are for these adverse situations and mishaps.

1. Anchors:

  • An Anchor is the most basic thing every water craft rider needs, but yet, it is the most neglected accessory. It might not seem that useful, but Jet Ski anchors are life savers in many situations.
  • They safely keep your Jet Ski hovering in a single spot. Be it while fishing or even when you just want to stop and relax for some time.
  • Anchors curb the hurdles of finding a parking spot.
  • Having an anchor can help you avoid beaching, which damages your PWC in the long run.
  • A Jet Ski will not be able to store a conventional anchor, so you will need anchors that fold up or specialized anchors like a sandbag anchor.
  • You may find different types of anchors available in the market today. Out of them all, sandbag anchors are widely admired.
  • But you can’t decide the right anchor for your jet ski just like that. Different anchors work differently depending on what type of ground conditions you are riding your vehicle. A little bit of research and time, and you will find the perfect anchor.
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2. Bungee Line or Dock Line:

  • A bungee dock line is the easiest, convenient and the simplest way for wrapping around the cleats. To be honest, it is easier than tying a marine rope.
  • Its ability to stretch and also the tendency to maintain some slack in it, allowing your Jet Ski to move freely in choppy water, is one of the best features it has.
  • Bungee dock line can be used for skis that weigh around 4000 pounds.
  Product Name: Airhead AHDL-4 Bungee Dockline 4 Feet Product Name: Seachoice Double Braid Nylon Dock Line with Eye Splice, Pre-Shrunk, Heat Stabilized, Various Sizes and Colors  
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3. Jet Ski Fender:

  • Jet Ski fenders are small (sometimes inflatable) devices that fit over the hull of the ski, at the rub rail, to protect it from hitting the dock or another boat. They’re very similar to the bumpers hanging over the side of sport fishing boats
  • Fenders prevent scratches and damage due to banging against the dock when docked at the marine and help not to put any scratches on nearby boats or PWCs.
  • They also provide protection to your Jet Ski while it is parked in a trailer.
  • There are different types of fenders available in the market such as Hook fenders, Hull hugger, and Classic Bumper. Moreover, there are some fenders that are custom made by the Dealer themselves like in the case of Sea Doo.
  • Despite the various types, all these help in protecting your Ski and giving them a longer life span.
  •  Note: I recommend that you put 2 Fenders to your PWC for an all round protection.
Hull Hugr PWC Fender Dockitjet RIB kit for Jet Ski

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Accessories that provide you and your Jet Ski with the protection that you need fall under this category. These accessories prevent your Jet Ski from frequent failures and keep it in a safe and functioning condition. Some of these are accessories required by law, while some help you from getting injured if you ever fall off the Jet Ski.

1. Life Jacket:

  • Wearing a life jacket is like having a shield of armor around you, making it the most important accessory out of the lot.
  • Not only is it an important accessory, but this safety gear is also prescribed by law. Riding without your life jacket is illegal and might put you on the wrong side of the law.
  • Lie Jackets prevent you from drowning and will save you from accidents you are not ready to encounter.
  • You can connect the key of the Jet Ski to an inbuilt lanyard which comes with the Life jacket, so that, if you ever fall off, your Ski will automatically stop and shut off.
  • Having a life jacket of the right size for you is imperative. If you get yourself a life jacket that is big for you, then there are chances that you will slip out of it, and if it is too small, it will not have the buoyancy to keep you afloat on water. So choose wisely before you buy it.
  • You will mostly find 2 kinds of Life Jacket materials: Nylon and Neoprene. These are popular and widely used by almost anyone who partakes in any kind of water activity. These are suitable for Jet Ski riding and will give you the comfort you want and the functionality you need.


  • Neoprene jackets are the ones that you will like if you are looking for comfort. They feel greeeeat and light and can be worn for long periods of time.
  • Neoprene jackets are priced a little bit higher than other types of life Jackets, but for the comfort they provide, it isn’t a big price to pay.


  • Nylon life jackets are quite simple in design and are quite affordable. They are so economical, that you can buy a few extra life jackets just in case.
  • However, the comfort level ooof this jacket is not the same as of the ones made from Neoprene, but they still have their own level of pleasantness which is more than enough while riding your Ski.
Product name: O’Brien Traditional Neo Life Men’s Vest Product Name: O’Neill Men’s Superlite USCG Life Vest

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2. Helmet and Goggles

  • When you are riding your Jet Ski at high speeds, you will need your vision to be crystal clear. You wouldn’t want anything to go wrong and result in you not being able to see any obstacle that might come your way.
  • And even if some mishap happens making you lose control and fall off your ski into the water, you will be safe if you are prepared and ready.
  • So get yourself a rugged, strong Helmet and a nice pair of goggles, so that no harm comes to you.
  • A helmet will protect your head from hard impacts when you fall off and a Pair of goggles will help you see everything clearly and prevent any water from getting into your eyes when you are at high speeds.
Product Name: Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako Full Face Helmet with Flag Graphic

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Product Name: 509 Sinister X5 Goggle (Stealth Bomber)  

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O’Neal 0623-064 3 Series Helmet  

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Fishing Boating Beach Jet Ski Surf Kitesurf Goggles Raft

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3. Impeller Protector:

  • An Impeller Protector is used to keep the ski ropes of your water toy from getting sucked into the propeller and saves you from the work you may have to do to unwind the rope if it does get stuck in the propeller.
  • Moreover, this accessory also  protects the people from any kick back that may be caused when the rope breaks in choppy or rough water.
Impeller Protector PWC Shock Tube, 24″ Impeller Protector

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4. Safety Lanyard:

  • Lanyards are just basically used as a kill switch for your Jet Ski, in case you accidentally fall off from your Ski.
  • They can be tethered or attached to your wrist or to your Life Jacket and immediately pull out the key from ignition if in case you fall off. This will shut the Jet Ski Off and it will stop at its spot, allowing you to get back on it without any more trouble.
ULTIMATE LANYARD BY JET LOGIC Atlantis A2109 Black Standard Floating Lanyard

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5. Jet Ski Cover:

  • A Jet Ski cover is almost as important as your life jacket.
  •  The cover protects your ski from being damaged by natural elements.
  • If your Ski is parked in the sun, then your fiberglass may fade away and this is the fastest way to get your ski damaged.
  • If you have your ski parked in the garage, it may still be unsafe due to the surrounding atmosphere and conditions.
  • So having your ski covered at all times will protect it from things you do not know could cause problems. Be prepared and ready, it is better than being sorry afterwards.
Product Name: Classic Accessories Stellex Personal Watercraft Cover, Trailerable Jet Ski Cover with Polyester Fade-Resistant Fabric   Product name: Weatherproof Shield Jet ski Cover (Trailerable) [Red / Black] For Stand up Jet Ski  
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6. Telescopic Paddle or Folding Paddle:

  • In my view, this accessory is a must have. You shouldn’t even step out into the water without it.
  • What would happen if your Ski stops working and you are all alone! No one to help you and you are not sure if you can swim back to safety. This would be the nightmare any watercraft enthusiast will have.
  • A paddle is what will come to your rescue in such a case. It will help you move your ski forward and get you to safety.
  • Buy a telescoping paddle as it is collapsible and doesn’t take up a lot of space. It can fit in any of the ski’s compartments and will be definitely helpful in the long run.
Telescoping Paddle with Boat Hook, 24″- 72″ Attwood 11828-1 Emergency 20-inch to 42-inch Telescoping Paddle

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Under these come the Accessories that help you to smoothly sail through water and have fun while doing it. They elevate the experience you have when you are out there and make your ride memorable.

1. Jet Ski Bluetooth Speakers:

  • A set of waterproof Jet Ski speakers can turn a ride into a party.
  • Since many Jet Ski models don’t come with factory installed speakers, finding an alternative can be a task.
  • Speakers are an important jet ski accessory in today’s world and to make it easier for you here are some of the best portable waterproof speakers:
JBL CLIP 2 OontZ Angle 3 ultra
The JBL Clip 2 is a portable waterproof Bluetooth speaker that can be attached to just about anything. It is rugged and powerful and has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 8 hours. If you are looking for something small and compact, this is your product.

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It is rugged, portable, and most importantly, it’s water-resistant. It looks fairly small but has impressive sound quality. It can easily fill a room, and the battery lasts approximately 20 hours on a full charge.  

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Rather than use a portable speaker, some people choose to install speakers on their PWC. This is a more permanent solution than the other options, but it comes with drawbacks as well.

Note: Only a few online retailers will market their sound systems as “Kawasaki jet ski speakers” or “Sea-Doo Speakers”. So, don’t focus your search on keywords.

2. GPS For Jet Ski:

  • It is wise to take your phone with you in case of an emergency, but a dedicated GPS system is highly preferred
  • They have better features and quality than your phone and have Satellites transmitting information to your dedicated GPS, thus giving you more accuracy.
  • GPS devices for Jet Skis are waterproof and can be kept in a secure location on your Jet Ski or attached to the handles.
  • You won’t need to worry about a dedicated GPS losing its battery as long as you’ve charged it before jumping on your Jet Ski. You can also transfer your data for safety purposes.
Garmin Waterproof GPS Map 78sc and Chartplotter Magellan Waterproof Explorist GC Geocaching GPS

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3. Solar Charger:

  • Everything runs on electricity nowadays, from your phone to the Jet Ski you are riding. So it would not be a smooth sail if any of these die out.
  • In this case, having a Solar Charger with you is not a bad idea!
  • They are waterproof and work in any condition and will help you maintain your ski’s battery life by trickle charging during the off-season.

Note:  Get yourself a Solar Charger that is under 5 Watts, because anything more might damage your battery.

Product Name: ALLPOWERS 18V 5 Watts Portable Solar Panel Solar Car Battery Charger Backup for Car Boat Batteries, Solar trickle Charger Bundle with Cigarette Lighter Plug, Battery Clamps & Suction Cups Product Name: ECO-WORTHY 12 Volts 5 Watts Portable Power Solar Panel Battery Charger Backup for Car Boat Batteries

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